Advertising Facebook Community Help Feature Lets People Reach Out To Neighbors In Crisis

The new platform is designed to give users an way way to help each other out in times of need

Anonymously Discuss Politics With People In Your Local Area

'We The People' is an app that invites neighbors to voice their political views incognito

Retail Put An End To Missed Packages With The Help Of Neighbors

A startup is connecting online shoppers with nearby hosts willing to accept deliveries for them

Home Real Estate Site Helps Music Lovers Find Decibel-Friendly Neighborhoods

First website that connects people who are happy to live an area with rowdy neighbors.

Technology Drivers Send Anonymous Texts To Each Other Through Their License Plates

CurbTXT is a new service in San Francisco where registered vehicles can send useful messages to one another about their vehicles.

Advertising Micki Krimmel: Sharing Is Caring -- The Economy Of Collaborative Consumption [Video]

The founder of NeighborGoods talks about how through the creation of new economic models, we can get the most use out of things we buy and create bonds within our communities.

Design Encouraging Social Apartment Living

New York apartment buildings are holding social events for residents to get to know their neighbors.

Technology Americans Are Increasingly Using Digital Tools To Interact With Neighbors

Face-to-face communication is being threatened by the Internet and digital communications.