Advertising How Brands Are Celebrating Their Retrospectives As A Marketing Exercise

Companies are celebrating their differences and their histories as a distinctive form of ad campaign

Food & Beverage Nescafe Opens A Joke Coffee Shop in Toronto

The Nescafé Coffee Taproom made fun of the modern coffee experience and forced customers to make their own coffee

Design Nescafé Bench Brings People Together Over A Coffee

The Hello Bench shortens when someone is sitting at each end

Retail Nestlé's Holiday Machine Plays Christmas Music As It Brews Coffee

This massive Rube Goldberg machine plays music while customers order their drinks

Technology Warm Up With a Virtual Tour of a Brazilian Coffee Plantation

Nescafé and Google transport consumers to a coffee plantation in VR

Advertising Nescafe Coffee Machine Campaign Writes Fans Names in Coffeegraphy

Professional calligrapher uses espresso as a new form of ink

Video Nescafé Inserts 3D Mugs Into Newspapers to Inspire Shared Moments

The instant coffee brand's Pop-Up Café reintroduces coffee's social and communication benefits.

Design Water Bottle Cap Has A Reminder To Help People Stay Hydrated

Vittel developed a special cap with a built-in timer to remind people to drink more water.

Innovation PSFK's Trending Topic: Useful Packaging That Doesn't Need To Be Thrown Out

Multi-functional designs help extend product life and save the environment at the same time.

Home Nescafé Turns Its Instant Coffee Container Into An Alarm Clock

The Alarm Cap encourages people to wake up and immediately make a cup of coffee since it only turns off once the lid is unscrewed.

Artisan Instant Coffee In A Cube

Jiva Coffee Cubes are making coffee-on-the-go easier, and tastier.

Advertising The "Psychic" Drinking Glass (Pics)

Damjan Stanković's Cipher uses a unique mosaic pattern that interacts with liquids to create textual signs that indicate what's in the cup.

Gaming & Play For Girls In China, Better Dating Via Gaming

Chinese girls are buying 'homes' at iPartment, a social networking/gaming site that lets users interact with their 'love apartment' via pets, diaries, gardens, and games all while looking for someone to share it with.