Delivery & Logistics Net-A-Porter Introduces Exclusive Style Trial Program For Loyal Spenders

Net-A-Porter is rewarding top spenders as well as encouraging loyalty with Style Trial, letting customers order 30 items and try them for 30 days, charging only items kept and picking up returns

Brand Activation & Immersion MR PORTER Is Using Facebook Messenger To Help Shoppers Choose Gifts

The Style Assistant is the curated men's apparel site's latest digital tool designed to help further streamline the CX, offering shoppers a transaction bot that identifies the right gifts based on typologies and contextualized questions

Fashion & Apparel How Brands Like Amazon Are Relieving The Stress Of Shopping With Wardrobe Curation

Whether designing a personal wardrobe or pairing previously purchased pieces together to form a stylish ensemble, brands are using AI-enabled technology to provide their customers with personalized shopping and styling

Automotive Brand Innovation Tracker: June

Analysis shows how brands in automotive, footwear & retail are perceived in terms of innovation (and that luxury might be dead)

Retail Yoox and Net-A-Porter Build Research Facility For AI Stylists

The innovation Tech Hub will house hundreds of dedicated staffers who are developing artificial intelligence for online retail

Fashion & Apparel AI Picker Will Choose New Clothes For You

The system from Net-A-Porter will provide a personalized shopping experience based on a person's upcoming plans

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Airline Delivers Luxury Shopping Experiences At 30,000 Feet

Cathay Pacific has partnered with NET-A-PORTER to let travelers shop from the sky and have their purchases delivered straight to their hotel room

Design Social Network Recognizes Clothes, Is Instagram You Can Buy From

The Net Set app can now tell if you're wearing last season's prints on your #OOTD

Luxury Can Diane Von Furstenberg Rid Google Glass Of Its Stigma?

The DVF | Made for Glass collection is now available to buy for $1,800, but the question remains - what will it take to make Google Glass chic?

Home 10 Stories You Need To Know Today

Twitter will share its data with researchers, Coca-Cola invests in Keurig, Pandora sets up music submission form, and more.

Advertising 12 Things You Need To Know Today

People are weirdly comfortable with a smart toilet, you can pay your NYC rent with a bitcoin (or two), and more.

Technology 12 Things You Need to Know Today

JetBlue is finally launching Wifi, public Wi-Fi comes to Harlem, and Norway's public library is putting all its books online for free.

Gaming & Play Hunger Games Collection Brings Post-Apocalyptic Fashion To The Masses

Luxury fashion line inspired by the heroes and villains of a popular movie franchise

12 Stories You Need To Know Today

Net-A-Porter offers same day delivery to Hamptons, Nissan to create ad with Vine and Instagram videos and Spotify launches StubHub app.