Delivery & Logistics Automated Manufacturing Enables Local Bike Production For Netherlands Brand

Mokumono Bicycles uses a style of manufacturing that combines automation and robotics to streamline the process and reduce the need for foreign production

Design Artist Collective Creates A Digital Organism Of Light In A Dutch Forest

WERC made a digital organism inspired by nature's complex patterns

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Reconfigurable Hotel Can Adapt To The Needs Of The City Around It

The (W)ego structure shows a future where the occupants should expect to have to interact with their neighbors to get to their room

Fitness & Sport Dutch Bike Lock Disables Phones While On The Move

Dutch telecom company KPN designed a bicycle lock that shuts off a phone's network access while the owner rides

Amsterdam Mayor Opens A Brothel Run By Prostitutes

The so-called ‘municipal brothel’ is a city council initiative that hopes to improve working conditions

Technology Dutch Cycling System Helps Cyclists Beat Red Lights

Traffic lights can slow down bike commutes, so this new device uses speed cameras to help people time their rides perfectly

Wellness A Ring That Tracks Your Daily Vitamin D Consumption

The e-Senses calculates how much sunlight the wearer has absorbed throughout the day and recommends ways to avoid sunburn

Retail Companies Can Now Pay Their Employees To Bike To Work

ByCycling is an app meant to help employees stay healthy by incentivizing them towards exercise

Design Dutch City Uses Sidewalk LEDs To Improve Pedestrian Safety

With people always on their phones, this Dutch city thought of a way to help them cross the road safely and surely whether at day or night

Design Dutch City Celebrates De Stijl Art Movement With Public Installation

Honoring 100 years of the minimalistic Dutch art movement, the city is erecting a series of art works inspired by De Stijl founder Piet Mondrian

Fashion & Apparel The Friar's Habit Gets A Streetwear Overhaul

The New Habit was developed by fashion designer Borre Akkersdijk's company Byborre

Technology Jackets For The Homeless Accept Digital Donations

The card reading coat is meant to reduce the tension in asking for spare change

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Bike Path In Poland Can Glow For 20 Years Using Solar Power

Cyclists can follow the shimmering blue lanes for better safety each time they ride

Fitness & Sport Hiking Boots Will Vibrate To Give You GPS Directions

The Bluetooth-enabled footwear will help ensure you're never lost