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Brand Activation & Immersion Lie Beneath The New Zealand Skies In Lindis Luxury Pods

This New Zealand lounge offers all the views of camping in a luxurious pod equipped with all the modern conveniences

Food & Beverage Winery Lets Consumers Sample And Vote On Its Next Rosé Vintage

The Hunting Lodge Winery will send three different rosé blends to 500 consumers whose most popular vote will determine the next vintage, with the participants credited on the bottle

Advertising Solve A Giant Jigsaw Puzzle To Receive Free Cheese

Dairy brand Mainland gives customers the opportunity to solve a huge puzzle in exchange for 20 kg of free cheese

Advertising In New Zealand, This AI Politician Takes Questions From The Public

SAM is an AI that promises accessibility and transparency, and unlike human politicians, is programmed to keep its word

Fitness & Sport Live Auctions Created For Fans At Sporting Events

Dropit is a mobile app that holds live auctions on stadium scoreboards, giving every game fan a chance to win something at very low prices

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Project Adds Internet Suggestions To Real-World Locations

Signs of the Times places large banners in scenic locations showing other places people also liked

Gaming & Play Domino's Has Created A Final Fantasy Pizza Package For Fans

Gaming fans in Australia and New Zealand can order the Final Fantasy XIV Pizza & Gaming Bundle from Domino's

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Air New Zealand Is Bringing Augmented Reality Into The Cabin

In-flight employees will be equipped with a Microsoft HoloLens to provide a regular stream of information that will help improve interaction with travelers

Design Wi-Fi Beehive Monitoring Keeps Beekeepers Informed

Called the 'Fitbit for Bees,' Hivemind was developed in New Zealand as a way to keep better track of the bee population

Retail Customer Service Chatbots Are About To Look A Lot Like Humans

New Zealand startup Soul Machines has been developing expressive digital faces to completely change the chatbot costumer service game

Advertising Brewery Converts Glass Bottles Into Sand To Preserve New Zealand Beaches

The campaign aims to help reduce the country's dependence on beach sand for use in industries like construction and pharmaceuticals

Features Would You Wear Wool Shoes To Save The Environment?

As demand for wool shoes grows, a number of US footwear brands are heading directly to the source: the sheep pastures of New Zealand

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Crowdfunding Campaign Makes Private New Zealand Beach Public

Almost 40,000 people donated $1.7 million to buy the plot of land and keep it out of the hands of private owners

Syndicated Hangover Cure: New Zealand's 'Morning-After' Maid Cleaning Service

Startup claims to have been inundated after launching a service to clear up after parties