Merchandising & Curation Twitter's Latest Updates Bring Users News Based On Their Interests

Using human curation and algorithms, the social media platform intends to make relevant stories more concentrated and easily accessible

Advertising Our CXI 2018 Agenda Announced!

The speakers cover three broad topic areas which we describe as Design & Experience, Insights Into Humanity and Reframing Business

Podcast: Trends Changing World Of Retail

Listen to founder and CEO Andrew Deitchman discuss New Stand, an innovative online retailer that sells you relevant media alongside your favorite products, and his insight into the trends changing the world of retail

Delivery & Logistics Apple Is Getting Into The Magazine Subscription Business

The tech giant is buying Texture, a ‘virtual newsstand’ lets users read about 200 digital titles for a monthly subscription fee

Design Dyson Is Trying To Put An End To Plug-In Vacuums

Sir James Dyson says company is investing in smaller, lighter, battery-powered cleaners

Fashion & Apparel Ethical Fashion Is Taking To The Runway In Paris

Designer Stella McCartney debuted a new show featuring sustainable materials

Samsung's UK Mobile Chief Thinks Phones Should Be Our 'Slaves, Not Masters'

The company believes a shift to a more connected and ‘concierge-like’ experience is needed to combat our smartphone-obsessed society

Entertainment Game Helps Players Spot And Prevent The Spread Of Fake News

The aim is for players to build a fake news empire, which researchers hope will expose propaganda tactics

Technology Personalized, Lifelike Avatars Reenact The News Differently For Each Viewer

Genies lets users making a digital clone of themselves to share what's going on in their day or in the news they care about

Design Augmented Reality Models Drop News Reports Right In Front Of You

Quartz readers who use the media company's mobile app can view augmented reality objects placed in a story

Retail This Experimental Service Hopes To Turn Your City’s Streets Into A News Homepage

OtherWorld is a pilot project in Manchester, UK that offers targeted news stories based on the readers geo-location

Advertising NBC Launches The First Daily News Show Exclusively For Snapchat

The news programs will last two to three minutes and be aired twice a week delivering a handful of breaking new stories

Technology News Platform Helps People Get Out Of Their Own Bias Bubbles

Read Across the Aisle is an app that lets users see a variety of viewpoints in an effort to combat political polarization

How Wikipedia's Founder Is Leading The Fight Against Fake News

Wikitribune is build upon the idea that fact checking is now more important than ever