NFC technology

Food & Beverage Smart Packaging Could Provide A Wealth Of Information About Food Items

A new partnership is seeking to incorporate NFC technology into bottles and cartons

Innovation A Connected Bottle for Smarter Spirits and Good Times

As if cognac wasn't enough, Rémy Martin Club Connected Bottle offers opening detection and an integrated consumer engagement program

Design The Printer That’s Designed for Your Pocket

Polaroid's ZIP Instant Mobile Printer lets you print wirelessly from your phone

Gaming & Play McDonald’s NFC Tables Keep Kids Entertained [Video]

The fast food chain is piloting the Happy Table, which lets children hold their phones over the table to play a mobile game.

Technology NFC Ring Can Unlock Phones

The GEAK Ring stores contact information, activating a device so users don't need to remember or enter a password.

Technology Robot Keg Charges Drinkers Via NFC-Tagged Wristbands

The RoboKeg keeps tabs on beer orders and sends the bill to the customers' mobile phone.

Home RE/MAX Real Estate Agents Adopt Passbook Business Cards

Using Vizibility's Mobile Business Card, the company is enabling its employees to conveniently exchange information with their iPhones.

Technology Readers Tap Smart Book To Pull Up Information On Mobile Devices

Atria Publishing is releasing the first "smart book," embedded with RFID technology to allow users to view interactive content on their smartphones.

Technology New NFC Technology Delivers Fast Food Even Faster

Brand Table is a project that is designed for food courts in shopping malls to dramatically decrease wait times.

Design 'Smart' Car Key Uses NFC Technology To Unlock New Applications

New keys enable car maunfacturers the chance to offer customers many useful features to improve their driving experience.

Advertising Google Wallet: 'Goodbye Wallet. Your Phone Will Take It From Here.'

Google announces its mobile payments system Google Wallet, which will be bundled with Google Offers and 'Just Tap, Pay and Save' model.