10 Stories You Need To Know Today

Google and Facebook take a cue from Ask Jeeves, and more secure $100 bills will hit the streets tomorrow as planned.

Luxury 10 Stories You Need To Know Today

Pinterest announces promoted pins, how the homeless are living on bitcoins and more.

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel 9 Stories You Need To Know Today

American Airlines wants to get rid of carry-on bags, Tumblr loses accounts to Wordpress and Seamless merges with Grubhub.

Advertising 9 Stories You Need To Know Today

Amazon tries to claim .book domain, Whole Foods to add mandatory GMO labeling, and judge throws out NYC soda ban...links to start your day with.

Design 9 Stories You Need To Know Today

Pinterest valued at $2.5B, Google releases new laptop and Project Glass may team up with Warby Parker...links to start your day with.

Advertising TV Show Gets Re-Cut As Webisode Based On Social Network Comments

The Vampire Diaries rewards engaged fans, and in-show advertisers, with an extended online strategy.

Retail 15 Stories You Need To Know Today

Facebook teams up with Walmart, new Blackberry planned for launch, and Instagram data is now Facebook data...Links to start your day with.

Work What Type Of Ads Work Best During A Recession? [Headlines]

'Funny' ads were 33% more appealing during the recession, while ads focused on promotions and price were 27% less appealing.

Technology Smartphone Shopping Behavior Differs By Store Type [Headlines]

The likelihood of a consumer to use a mobile coupon, scan a QR code, or read product reviews on their mobile devices differs vastly across store type; 73% of mobile users read product reviews on their phones in electronic stores while only 14% do so in grocery stores.

Home The TV Set Begins To Fade As Viewers Turn To Laptops & Tablets [Stats]

A new report out suggests that video content is now being consumed at home more through digital devices than on a TV.

Technology Smartphone Owners Are Now A Majority [Headlines]

Over 60% of the 25-34 demographic in the US now own iPhones, Androids and the like.

Retail How Are US Smartphone And Tablet Owners Shopping? [Headlines]

A Nielsen study indicates the majority of people use the devices when buying an item, although the two devices are generally used for different purposes.

Technology Why TV Is Still The Most Popular Media Device In The US [Infographic]

TV users still significantly outnumber online users in the United States despite a perceived hike in mobile and online usage because the traditional medium is still more accessible.

Gaming & Play Tablets Cannibalizing Gadgets Across Categories

Nielsen looks at how does the ownership of tablets effect purchasing and usage of other devices.