Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Timeshifter App Helps Travelers Avoid Jet Lag And Enjoy Their Trip

The mobile application is bringing its jet-lag fighting software to the masses with a new program that makes personalized plans based on users' circadian rhythms, helping bust jet-lag myths and allowing people to travel better

Advertising IKEA's Sleep-Inducing Print Ad Emits White Noise And Lavender

The home retailer's multi-sensory ad can be pulled from a magazine to function as a bedside sleep aid

Children Crate & Barrel Launched A Whimsical Brand Just For Kids

Crate & Kids is the home retailer's latest collection for little ones, including everything from furniture and bedding to toys and decor

Entertainment Experience A Waking Dream At This NYC Installation

Through 10 sleep cycle-inspired rooms, participants can float among clouds, explore a galactic infinity room and even "dream" in black and white

Food & Beverage Anti-Energy Drink Promotes A Better Night's Rest

This new beverage claims it will help consumers sleep with a formula of minerals that have been found to promote melatonin production and relaxation

Health The Six Secrets To Good Sleep, According To A Sleep Tech Founder

Matteo Franceschetti, the founder and CEO of Eight Sleep, discusses the importance of sleep in boosting productivity, brain function, and performance

Design This Bed-In-A-Box Customizes Mattress Firmness To Each Person's Liking

The Kutson mattress takes a couple's individual sleeping preferences into consideration

Advertising Online Sleep Center Launches Their First Offline Product - A Calming Sleep Mist's Sleep Mist spray contains a special blend of essential oils

Design Sleep Kit Shapes New Healthy Rituals Before Bedtime

Inspired by so called 'sleep temples' in ancient Egypt, the kit encourages people to put down their phones before going to sleep

Technology This Pillow Says It Can Stop Snoring, Track Sleep And Improve Sleep Quality

ZEEQ is a connected pillow that is designed to help people feel more rested every night

Retail All-Day Nap Bar Opens In Spain

A new nap bar in Spain provides a variety of rooms for visitors wanting to take a break from the day and relax

Health Fitbit Wants To Shine A Light On Sleep Apnea

Fitbit is creating a wearable, worn while asleep, that detects whether or not someone has sleep apnea

Technology Sleep Better And Wake Up More Rested With This Bedside Device

Circadia is a device that is meant to help re-sync people's internal body clocks

Design Sleep Mask Helps Insomniacs Get Some Much Needed Rest

Sana Health has developed a pair of goggles that promises slumber by targeting the brain with specific vibrations and patterns