Niklas Roy

Advertising 'For Rent' Sign Follows Pedestrians

Clever sign gets noticed by following people walking on the street.

Design Outdoor Painting Machine Empowers Passersby To Become Artists [Video]

With the Public Painting Machine, people on the street could create works of art by pulling on ropes that control the machine.

Technology Working Devices Made From Cardboard [Pics]

Niklas Roy taught a workshop at HfG Offenbach, where the design students built machines using limited materials.

Design Electronic Instant Camera Prints Images Onto Receipt Paper [Video]

Inventor Niklas Roy's device combines an analog black and white videocamera and a thermal receipt printer.

Technology Light Pen Turns Your Old TV Into An Audiovisual Synthesizer [Video]

Inventor Niklas Roy developed the 'Lumenoise', which lets you paint patterns and sounds onto a CRT-TV screen.

Design (Video) Smart Curtains For Privacy

Niklas Roy's invention helps provide a sense of solitude in a public area.

Advertising Back In: A DIY Laser-Cut Vinyl Record

An unconventional method of handcrafting sound loops produces a unique audio-visual artifact.