Advertising Why Nivea's Newest Campaign Is Getting Awful Reviews

An advertising legend publicly criticizes the ad which involves seagull drones dropping sunscreen on children at the beach

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A NIVEA downloadable app is trying to put an end to excessive body odor

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FCB Brazil and Nivea-created dolls turn painfully red when exposed to the sun so your children understand sunshine's perils

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Synced with an iPhone, this device alerts parents when children wander too far.

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Personal care brand uses candid cameras to capture scenarios framing passangers as wanted persons.

Advertising Yves Behar Rebrands Nivea With Clean And Simple Lines

The global skin care brand gets a design refresh that will encourage sales and help the brand meet sustainability goals.

Design Sunscreen Ad Revealed Only When The Sun Comes Out [Video]

Nivea is advertising its sun protection in Brazil with a billboard that reacts to UV rays.

Advertising Monocolumn: The Brilliance Of The Flagship Store

It’s the fashion world that created the concept of the flagship store, spaces where brands can showcase their ideas in purist perfection. Not just places to shop, these stores embody how designers and marketing chiefs want their brands to be seen.