Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Why Wellness Is A Top Priority For Travel Brands

Wellness is a priority for today's travelers, and the industry is responding by finding ways to integrate healthy and mindful options into their services

Health Stretchable Sensors Help Track Recovery In Stroke Patients

New wearable sensors measure a patient's ability to swallow and speak while also enabling at-home monitoring

Cafe & Restaurant Find Restaurant Recommendations Based On Decibel Levels

An app lets city dwellers rate restaurants and other spots based on how noisy they are

Automotive This Van Is Designed As The World's First Electric Ridesharing Vehicle

MOIA, a Volkswagen company, introduces the first electric vehicle created specifically for ridesharing use

Design Bose Sleepbuds Headphones Are Designed To Help You Sleep Better

Barking dogs, loud traffic and snoring sleep partners are no match for these noise-canceling earbuds

Retail 'Car Ears' Will Listen To The Engine And Diagnose Specific Problems

OtoSense is developing technology that uses sound to pinpoint mechanical issues in a car engine

Technology Sound-Dampening Earbuds Let You Control Real World Audio Like A Volume Button

Knops work mechanically to reduce real-world noise to very low levels

Design Light Is Being Leveraged To Cure The Effects Of Jet Lag

Jeggo is a light and sound device meant to help travelers adjust to their new time zone faster and easier

Health Sway Is A Meditation App For The Mobile Generation

The service encourages people move about their environment, utilizing a generative soundscape to produces calming ambient sounds

Entertainment Headphones Create A Unique Sound Profile For Each Listener

Audeara headphones tailor sound specifically to your needs in the same way prescription glasses are catered to your eyes

Wellness NYC's First WELL-Certified Building Puts Worker Wellbeing First

Cleaner air and circadian-conscious lighting are standard at Structure Tone's new offices

Automotive Mercedes Is Using Noise To Improve Pre-Crash Safety

The technology blasts drivers with a "pink noise" bubble to protect hearing during an accident

Entertainment These Lego-Like Blocks Help Anyone Feel Like A Musician

BLOCKS is a modular, magnetic touchpad device that allow people to easily string together compositions

Home Window Device Turns Noise Pollution Into More Pleasant Sounds [Video]

Sono is an advance noise-canceling gadget that lets people be selective about the outdoor noise they hear.