Design Moleskine's Connected Pen Transfers Notes From Page To Screen

Write in a smart Moleskine notebook or planner and see your notes appear on your device

Design This Notebook Uses The Power Of Illustration To Inspire Creativity From Anyone

Designer Timothy Goodman created an irreverent, limited edition notebook for MOO to help creators keep things fresh

Design Adobe's Principal Designer Made A Notebook Filled With Creative Prompts

The notebook contains unfinished illustrations to spark thoughts and encourage constant inspiration

Technology Scannable Coloring Book Makes Drawings Digital

The Color Notebook scans a specially designed notebook to create a digital version of the physical picture

Design Snoop-Proof Notebook Uses A Fingerprint Sensor To Keep Your Secrets Safe

Lockbook is a new book that seals tight, protecting all of the secrets inside until its owner uses their fingerprint to unlock it

Work This Tape Turns Any Notebook Into A Planner

This washi is cleverly designed to lay down dates and numbers on any surface

Technology Digital Notebook Uploads Ideas To The Cloud

After saving your work, the Everlast Notebook can be wiped clean with water for a clean slate

Design Paper Planner Connects Directly To Your Digital Calendar

Slice is a personal notebook that is trying to marry the world of analog and virtual storage

Design This Walnut and Brass Notebook Could Spark Your Next Creative Idea

Joe Mansfield once customized Moleskines; now he creates beautiful wooden notebooks

Luxury PSFK Gift Guide Spotlight: Moleskine Evernote Notebook

Snap a photo of your doodles and notes and instantly digitize them

Design Analog System Turns Blank Pages into Optimal Productivity

Bullet Journal community funds new collaborative website for note-taking method in the digital age

Work Journal Prompts Creatives To Use Their Hands Rather Than Their Phones

Hanna Yoon's notebook encourages people to remember significant moments with pen and paper instead of digital devices.

Design Notebook Has Carved Out Space For Constant Phone Access [Pics]

Keep working on your latest project even in the middle of a meeting.

Technology IPad Cover Converts Real Sketches Into Digital Copies In Real-Time

iSketchnote digitizes doodles and comes with regular pens whose colors show up as their same colors on the app.