Design Control This Pet Door With A Swipe Of Your Phone

SureFlap lets pet owners assign a schedule for their animals through their phone to keep them inside during evenings

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App automatically shuts off your mobile device to allow you to pay full attention to others

Technology How Google Glass Can Impact The Religious Experience

JewGlass is an app for religious Jews that provides notifications for prayer times and locates nearby synagogues and kosher restaurants.

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Embrace+ is a piece of wearable tech that can be set to glow based on different notifications or contacts.

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Instead of calling people when its time to eat, this concept alerts guests when you start and finish cooking.

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The search giant's new 'Field Trip' app uses your location to push updates about the cool and unique things around like historic places, food and drink spots, deals, and movie locations.

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A Business Insider article looks at the effect Apple's new iOS will have on Foursquare users with "check-in fatigue".