NTT docomo

Advertising Japanese Campaign Transforms People's Voices Into Unique Chocolates

An NTT Docomo campaign turned the vibrations and pitch of a voice message into a chocolate design, to be discovered by the recipient

Automotive Toyota And Intel Are Developing A New Self-Driving Car Ecosystem

Toyota and Intel have partnered in a growing consortium of companies to expand the network capacity for autonomous vehicles

Design Tokyo Narita Airport Now Offers Toilet Paper For Phones

Travelers will find the screen cleaners useful to clean their devices, which include helpful travel information of the area if they're new to Japan

Innovation Shop With Your Eyes—No Passwords Required

Shop seamlessly on your mobile phone with NTT DoCoMo's iris recognition feature

Innovation Clothing Basics Double As Non-Invasive Health Monitors

Mobile carrier NTT DoCoMo and material manufacturer Toray are working on a line of clothes that can read your vitals and connect them to your mobile device.

Technology Glasses For Tourists Project Translated Text On Foreign Signs

NTT Docomo unveiled a pair of augmented reality glasses that can translate foreign text for the wearer.

Innovation Fat-Burning Breathalyzer Detects Whether Exercise Is Actually Working

A prototype breathalyzer developed by NTT DoCoMo monitors levels of acetone and lets the user know whether their body is burning lipids.

Technology Dual-Screen Smartphone Lets Users Multitask On Mobile

The NEC Medias W features two 4.3-inch displays, allowing the user to utilize both for an extended screen or running separate apps.

Advertising Springwise: App Translates Phone Calls In Real-Time

Hanashite Hon’yaku allows users to make calls through its platform and see on-screen text translations, or have a voice engine create an audio version.

Technology Make Video Calls Using Lightweight Glasses

Japanese technology company, NTT DOCOMO, shows this and other new research projects which introduce innovative takes on portable technology.

Innovation Transparent Two-Sided Touchscreen Could Be The Future Of Smartphones

A Japanese collaboration presents an OLED screen that allows users to use both sides of the surface at the same time.

Partner Content What Are The Tools That Will Empower Our Growing Mobile, Global Workforce? [Sponsored]

Developers are cashing in on a new slate of services and applications aimed at delivering seamless connectivity, productivity and efficiency to remote workers.

Work NTT Docomo App Translates Oriental Menus [Video]

This video shows real-time, mobile language technology in action.

Technology NTT Docomo's Real-Time Translation System [Video]

The Japanese mobile carrier demonstrates simultaneous interpretation system that utilizes existing cloud-based services.