New York Public Library Will Be Publishing Books Inspired By Its Collection

NYPL and Macmillan Partner are launching a new campaign to celebrate the role of libraries with the public

Advertising The NY Public Library Twitter Is Matching Emojis To Archives

The social media bot can quickly find and return relevant images to the emoticon sent via Twitter

The Entire History Of Photography Is Now Accessible Through An Online Database

Searchable resource contains 110,000 photographers and others involved in photographic production

Home New York Public Library To Loan Internet To Low Income Card Holders

The library system is planning to lend wireless hotspot devices to visitors in need of connectivity.

Design Public Library Encourages Teens To Hang Out [Pics]

Harlem library invites youth to interact without adult scrutiny.

Design A Digital Platform For Exploring Physical Collections Within Library Stacks

The New York Public Library has released a tool that allows people to digitally explore collections within its archive of physical historical paraphernalia.

Design More Than Just Books: NY Public Library Features Its Greatest Works

A celebration of 100 years of the New York public library's main building explores the human condition as described through various non-book items maintained within its collection.

Technology Game Collaboration With New York Public Library Encourages Exploration For The Future

In collaboration with game designer Jane McGonical, the library is organizing a one-night event where 500 select participants will explore hidden areas of the main branch at the Stephen A. Schwarzman Building.

Work Citizen Cartography: Collectively Generated Archives Of Data From Historical Maps

A searchable digital archive of historical maps being developed by the New York Public Library, powered by individuals who just want to explore a bit of history.

Innovation What Technology Wants and Where Good Ideas Come From

The prolific authors Kevin Kelly and Steven Johnson discuss their latest works at a talk hosted by the New York Public Library.