Technology Immersive Education Tool Works In Real Time, Powered By Verizon's 5G

ChalkTalk, developed at NYU as part of a Verizon incubator, depends on the network for high-speed AR training that can bring global teams closer

Advertising This Project Pushes Students To Get Out And Visit U.S. National Parks

Within three weeks, two college students photographed 15 national parks

Design Color-Changing Wigs And Light-Controlling Nails Are Reshaping Modern Drag

Graduate student Jordan Frand designed two accessories a drag queen can use on stage to make a unique performance

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Interactive Subway Installation Depicts Real-Life Commuters [Video]

New project brilliantly interprets the thoughts of subway riders in New York City.

Typewriter Paints Portraits With Letters

An archaic typewriter gains a second life as an ASCII portrait creator.

Design Jewelry Doubles As A Hearing Aid For Inconspicuous Help

An inconspicuous hearing aid design that can be fashionable and practical.

Work Gel Instantly Stops Cuts From Bleeding

Veti-Gel is a student-developed, plant-based substance that instantaneously stops blood from gushing when applied to a wound.

Innovation New Spin On UN Index Measures Happiness In Cupcakes

Annelie Berner's final project for NYU's ITP program used the sweetness of baked goods to help people express their level of contentment versus the world's.

Design Furniture Inspired By Nature Fights Insomnia

Cocooning is a biomimicry exercise for the ITP program at NYU that uses modern comfort and design to create physical calm in a chaotic world.

Innovation DIY Machine Prints 3D Customized Burritos

Burritobot is created with open source technology, that can be programmed to build the perfect edible unit.

Work Interactive Installation Helps Strangers Talk To Each Other

Three students create Branch Out -- an opportunity for anonymous conversations in public spaces -- as part of NYU’s ITP year end show.

Advertising Clay Shirky: What I Learned About Creativity By Watching Creatives [Video]

Tech thought-leader describes five projects that he thinks are pushing the creative boundaries; and wonders if any rules about creativity can be drawn from looking at such work.

Technology Keynote Address: There Are No Rules For Creativity [PSFK NYC 2012]

Clay Shirky Of NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) explains how he is constantly reevaluating what he thought he knew about creative practices as he encounters new projects.

Partner Content Could Dentists Double As Doctors?

Research out of NYU points to the oral hygiene industry as the new front line for preventative medicine.