object recognition

Luxury Qualcomm Introduces A Smartphone For The Blind

'RAY' is a new Android smartphone that can be navigated with help from haptic vibrations and voice alerts.

Advertising Google Can Now Automatically Tag Objects Within Videos

A new patent will mean that everything within YouTube videos can be instantly 'labeled.'

Retail NEC's Object Recognition Technology Identifies Fruit Origins

A new "fruit identification system" allows consumers to know where the item comes from, without using bar-codes.

Technology 360 Degree, Computer Enhanced Vision For US Soldiers

DARPA proposes equipping troops with a high-resolution, all-around vision.

Design (Video) Robot Fetches Beer From The Fridge

Multi-skilled robot uses object recognition to carry out a new task.

Technology DARPA Looking To Develop Intelligent Cameras

DARPA, the experimental research arm of the United States Department of Defense is looking to create smart cameras that possess visual intelligence.