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Design The Future Of Food: Will Eating Insects Become The Norm?

Bugs could be the answer for a sustainable and nutritional food source.

Advertising Online Organization Invents A New Type Of 21st Century Protest

With 30 million members, Avaaz is an online organization that helps activists protest today's most divisive issues.

Home Reinventing The World's Most Dangerous City

Medellin, Colombia is rebuilding itself two decades after drug baron Pablo Escobar was killed.

Luxury UK Restaurant Critic: How Psy Taught Me Gangnam Style

The internet dance sensation was created to mock the pretensions of Seoul's wealthy citizens. Since then, David Cameron, Barack Obama and Ban Ki-moon have learned the moves. Jay Rayner shares his experience with the popular meme.

Work A Look Back At The Work Of An Iconic Feminist Artist

In the 1970s, Judy Chicago was at the forefront of the pro-women art movement with her graphic depictions of the female body. 40 years on she is preparing to launch a series of shows in the UK.

Syndicated Why Do We Hate The Way We Look?

Research has shown that half of all young women would consider cosmetic surgery, and 69 percent of men wish they looked like somebody else. How did this negative body image occur?

Innovation Top 5 Bikes For Commuting

From folding stars to flat-out racers, here are five bicycles to take the grind out of your daily trip to work.

Advertising Whatever Happened To Acid Rain?

Why do we only hear about certain eco issues, such as climate change? What happened to acid rain and the ozone layer problems -- have they been solved?

Design Is Art Environmentally Friendly?

Paints and other tools often contain hazardous materials for the environment. One artist makes suggestions on how to create 'footprint free' art.