Brand Activation & Immersion Sperry Sporters Can Ask Alexa How To Reduce Environmental Footprint

The footwear retailer is raising awareness among consumers on ocean pollution with an Alexa Skill called Sperry Waterkeeper

Banks, Insurance & Financial Services American Express Card Will Be Made From Upcycled Ocean Plastic

American Express is working with ocean conservation organization Parley to align with customer values around pollution and tourism

Design What Would An Entirely Flood-Proof City Look Like?

From sponge cities in China to ‘berms with benefits’ in New Jersey and floating container classrooms in the slums of Dhaka, a range of projects are looking to treat storm water as a resource rather than a hazard

Technology This Terrarium Filters Water By Mimicking The Amazon Biosphere

The Drop by Drop system is set up to mimic how nature cleans dirty water

Fashion & Apparel Stella McCartney Is Making A Clothing Line From Recycled Ocean Plastic

The high-end fashion brand is joining the wave of companies and projects finding new uses for the discarded material

Analysis Design Pattern Recognition: The Complete Product Life Cycle

Emerging trends in the design world, from luxury up-cycling to multi-purpose design

Advertising Adidas Launches A Swimwear Collection Made From Recycled Ocean Plastics

The new garments are part of a larger trend to manufacture in an environmentally-friendly way and help our oceans thrive

Syndicated Autonomous Garbage Drone Prevents Trash From Reaching Deep Ocean

The solar-powered WasteShark collects refuse closer to the source: the harbor

3D Printing Could Save Our Dying Coral Reefs

The technique offers an affordable, modular and low-carbon structure in which to rebuild marine habitats

Design These Photo Prints Were Actually Made From The Sea

An artist let the ocean wash over light-sensitive paper to create a mesmerizing series of images

Work Underwater Drone Expands Potential for Ocean Exploration

Trident aims to bring subsea research to the masses

Home Design plans revealed for World's First Underwater City in Japan

Businesses, residents, and diving enthusiasts would all be welcome in this achievable, deep-sea complex

Work Hanging Lamp Glows Blue Thanks to Bioluminescent Bacteria

Ambio draws on the power of the ocean to create a natural light source

Home Decline in Ocean Wildlife Depicted Through Infographic GIFs

Population drops of 95% look a lot scarier in animated format