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Analysis How Brands Like H&M Use Mixed Reality To Enable Multisensory, Immersive Experiences

Innovative retailers are leveraging virtual & augmented reality technology to build interactive engagements that showcase a brand's story from an entertaining perspective

Shopper Marketing & Promotions Amazon VR Booths Let Users Interact With Products During Prime Day

Using Oculus Rift's VR system, shoppers are able to browse some of Amazon’s featured brands and promotions while inside virtual household rooms, spanning bath & beauty, kitchen & dining, fashion spaces and more

Design Oculus Aims To Replace Your Work Desktop With A VR Headset

Facebook's VR division has created software for business use that it believes will someday supersede the desktop computer

Advertising LCD Soundsystem Releases A New Single Accompanied With A VR Experience

LCD Soundsystem work with Google's Data Arts Team to launch virtual reality dance experience Dance Tonite

Design Google Blocks Lets You Make Unique Low-Poly VR Art

Google created Blocks to allow users to design 3D objects in a 3D environment using virtual reality

Entertainment Hulu Lets You Watch Shows In A Virtual Living Room With Friends

The VR application lets viewers join their friends as avatars where they can share an Oculus Room and watch movies together

Technology How Facebook Is Making VR More Social

A new concept for the Oculus Rift hopes to connect people in virtual hangouts and encourage greater interaction on the social network

Gaming & Play Startup Makes VR Available Across All Platforms

Imagination platform Roblox has announced new virtual reality capabilities that make the tech more accessible to a wide range of people

Technology Shoot Easily Shareable VR Content Straight From Your Phone

This startup has invented a new virtual reality format that's easily recorded and shared with friends on Facebook

Automotive VR Experience Puts Drunk Driving Into Perspective

A video called "Decisions" produced by Diadeo shows the reality of driving while under the influence of alcohol

Design How VR Can Revolutionize Home Building

ICE 3D architectural design software allows clients to explore construction projects virtually

Design Are Hyper-Realistic Avatars the Future of VR Experiences?

Bridging the gap between reality and VR with likenesses as lifelike as the worlds they inhabit

Gaming & Play Leap Motion Improves Our Handle on Virtual Precision

The VR company's latest development lets you touch virtual worlds

Technology The State of Directional Audio in Virtual Reality

Operating from the standpoint that sound makes up 50 percent of the VR experience, content creators are starting to hold it in higher regard