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Analysis How Brands Like H&M Use Mixed Reality To Enable Multisensory, Immersive Experiences

Innovative retailers are leveraging virtual & augmented reality technology to build interactive engagements that showcase a brand's story from an entertaining perspective

Beauty How Companies Are Using Immersive Education To Train Employees

From mobile-app onboarding to VR escape-room training experiences, major corporations worldwide are turning to the latest interactive and engaging technologies to better prepare their employees for their new jobs

Shopper Marketing & Promotion Amazon VR Booths Let Users Interact With Products During Prime Day

Using Oculus Rift's VR system, shoppers are able to browse some of Amazon’s featured brands and promotions while inside virtual household rooms, spanning bath & beauty, kitchen & dining, fashion spaces and more

Advertising Planned Parenthood Is Using VR To Inspire Empathy

The VR experience reveals the trauma of walking through a horde of anti-abortion protesters to access reproductive care

Entertainment Microsoft Research Developed VR For Visually Impaired People

Researchers have developed a device that makes virtual spaces accessible to the visually impaired

Design Nvidia Has Built Their Own Functioning Holodeck

The space will allow them to view a photorealistic version of their ideas to facilitate a more efficient development process.

Work Oculus Aims To Replace Your Work Desktop With A VR Headset

Facebook's VR division has created software for business use that it believes will someday supersede the desktop computer

Retail Facebook's Oculus Has Revealed A Stand-Alone Virtual Reality Headset

Oculus Go will not require linking to a smartphone or personal computer like its predecessor, the Oculus Rift, and will cost less at $199

Interview How USA TODAY Is Building Advertising Within Virtual Reality

PSFK interviewed VP of USA TODAY's branded content branch GET Creative Kelly Andresen about how the studio is moving the needle in the VR ad space

Advertising LCD Soundsystem Releases A New Single Accompanied With A VR Experience

LCD Soundsystem work with Google's Data Arts Team to launch virtual reality dance experience Dance Tonite

Gaming & Play Disney's 'Marvel Powers United VR' Puts Fans In The Boots Of A Superhero

The entertainment brand's latest VR game will put players in the skins of their favorite heroes to fight foes with special powers

Fashion & Apparel Connected Gloves Help Wearers Feel Objects In Virtual Reality

A project called Touching the Void allows VR users to feel out virtual things with finely tuned vibrations

Design Google Blocks Lets You Make Unique Low-Poly VR Art

Google created Blocks to allow users to design 3D objects in a 3D environment using virtual reality

Technology Intel Wants To Make Competitive VR A Reality

Intel wants to bring VR to the competitive level by launching a new online series called the VR Challenger League