Design OFFF Review: Art Consultancy Sosolimited.

PSFK talks to Boston-based installation artists, Sosolimited about performance, language, politics and TV remix boxes.

Work OFFF Review: Innovative Storyteller Sam Winston

PSFK talks to Sam Winston about his work deconstructing and recomposing classic stories.

Technology OFFF Review: Fancyrence's Interactive Crowd Art

The Sanpuk collective's project let users digitally poke fun of other conference attendees.

Design OFFF Review: Barcode Art

Artist Scott Blake creates interactive portraits using the scannable codes.

Interview OFFF Review: Merging Traditional Handicraft And Digital Art

PSFK talks to graphic designer Julien Vallee at OFFF Paris.

Advertising OFFF Review: Coalition Of The Willing's Group Filmmaking

PSFK talks to filmmaker Simon Robinson about his unique collaborative film project.

Technology Less Megapixels And More Noise

PSFK Speaks with Hector Ayuso, director and main curator of the OFFF Gathering Of Disruptive Artists.

Work DVEIN On Interactive Video And The Future Of Immersive Experiences

PSFK talks with the Barcelona-based studio about how digital artists are changing culture.

Design PSFK Speaks With Multitouch Barcelona

How are digital artists changing culture? We talk to one interaction design team to gather insights.