office chair

Design An Office Chair Design Takes Its Cues from Luxury Vehicles

The designer of the Porsche 911 helped create this luxurious office chair

Technology High-Tech Ball Chair Offers Personalized Workouts at Work

The Wellness Ball and its accompanying app are making it easier than ever to maintain an 'active sitting' lifestyle

Home Skip The Gym, Use An Office Chair To Get A Workout Instead

'OfficeGym' is a system with two resistance bands that attaches to the back of any chair, allowing the user to perform exercises for the chest, shoulders, arms, back, abs, and legs.

Work QR Codes On Chairs Connect You To Instructional Video

Steelcase adds them to its best selling ergonomic models to help users find out useful information quickly.

Design Office Chair To Bed In 30 Seconds [Pic]

The AnyChair allows an easy way for office workers to get some rest.

Work Vespas Upcycled as Office Chairs

Barcelona-based studio Bel & Bel has found an ingenious use for vintage Vespas - as upcycled office chairs.