office furniture

Design Collaborative Desk Adapts to Laptops, Tablets and Your Meeting Schedule

The desk of the future remembers your preferences and syncs with your team's calendar

Home 8 Breakout Home and Office Furniture Products from NYCxDesign 2015

Modularity, unexpected material use and unique inspiration sources are at root of simple-but-sensational furniture work-arounds

Innovation Core-Strengthening Stool Functions as In-Place Office Workout

Zami Smart outdoes the yoga ball when it comes to fitness sitting with real-time feedback

Technology A Table Gives New Meaning to the Desktop Computer

Sharetable is a work surface that doubles as a shareable second screen

Work Updated Work Cubicles Combine Style with Substance

The Brody Worklounge is a cubicle workspace wholly unlike the cubicle

Work A Standing Desk for Now, A Standard Desk for Later

LIFT PRO is a work station that does the heavy lifting for you

Design A Modular, Flexible Desk for Changing Work Environments

The Hub Desk changes with the times and the office worker using it

Technology High-Tech Ball Chair Offers Personalized Workouts at Work

The Wellness Ball and its accompanying app are making it easier than ever to maintain an 'active sitting' lifestyle

Home Furniture Collection Wants Work to Feel Like Your Favorite Coffee Shop

Campfire line aims to make employees feel as though they're away from the office while at the office

Design Standing Desk with Integrated Computer Learns Your Preferences

The Stir M1 is made for tech-mindful, large-scale office environments

Design Swivel Chair Rotates Into Its Own Private Office

The Tuttomio by Emanuele Magini lets users create private enclaves when needed.

Work Computer Cases Double As Ready-Made Office Desks [Video]

Lian Li's designs look like a standard work table but have USB and audio ports and mounting brackets for three monitors.

Home Convertible Office Furniture Turns Into Home Gym [Pics]

Darryl Agawin designs a three-piece set that converts into workout machines.

Design Live-Work Desk Houses Comfy Bed Inside

Convertible furniture make it easy to pull an all-nighter.