Ogilvy & Mather

Advertising KFC Replaces Fire With Fried Chicken In Ingenious Print Ads

KFC's ad campaign for spicy fried chicken is turning heads with a simple but clever visual trick

Gen Z IKEA's Back-To-School Ad Is A 25-Minute ASMR Video

Soothing sounds are used to showcase IKEA products

Food & Beverage An Algorithm Designed Millions Of Unique Labels For Nutella Jars

The campaign packaged seven million jars of Nutella with one-of-a-kind and colorful computer-generated artwork

Design Bulletproof Posters Provoke Discussions On Gun Legislation

Ogilvy Chicago designed a special bulletproof poster meant to encourage passersby to think about the state of gun laws in the U.S.

Advertising Ad Agency Throws Cream Pies At Creative Directors To Showcase Talent

Emerging artists get to fling digital desserts at CDs as a part of hard-hitting scouting campaign

Video How The Right Context Can Make Advertisements More Enjoyable

Pre-roll ad campaign finds a new way to advertise the Friends' release on Netflix

Home Coke Zero Pours You a Drink from the TV

'Drinkable advertising' campaign shells out free soda from an on-air commercial, billboard and more

Retail H&M's New Online Catalog Can Be Remixed Like Music

H&M Loves Music is a digital platform that lets users create fashion "tracks" using the pieces in their summer collection.

Work Coca-Cola Thanks Migrant Workers With Drone-Delivered Sodas

Singaporeans show appreciation with more than 2,000 hand-written messages.

Advertising Magazine Dispenser Only Gives Away Copies To Proven Fans [Video]

Billboard Magazine created a vending machine that checks if you're a real fan of the artist on the cover.

Advertising Burger King Debuts Hands-Free Whopper Holder [Video]

The fast food chain created a novel way for enthusiasts to eat their food without having to stop what they're doing.

Advertising Hug A Coca Cola Vending Machine To Get A Free Soda

The beverage company wants you to literally embrace its brand.

Design Ikea Campaign Highlights The Craftsman To Transform Consumer Perceptions

Shoppers were encouraged to view the store as a place where they could create their own custom home.

Technology Office Designs A Smarter Planet For IBM [Pics]

IBM's latest campaign is centered around solving global problems.