Olafur Eliasson

Brand Activation & Immersion London Exhibition Asks Visitors To Consider Their Impact on Climate

Almost 40 of Olafur Eliasson's works have been gathered in his latest exhibition, allowing guests to interact with recreated environments

Design Op-Ed: Why Businesses Should Strive To Be More Beautiful

Alan Moore describes why he has made it his life’s mission to help businesses discover their own unique beauty

Home World Famous Artist Turns His Attention To A Humble Desk Lamp

The Little Sun diamond lamp is meant to make light and electricity available to places that need it across the world

Innovation Artist Olafur Eliasson Wants to Bring Solar Charging to the Masses

Little Sun Charge is a high-performance solar phone charger and light for off-grid energy

Luxury Undergo a Psychedelic Experience Via an Umbrella of Mirrors

Artist Olafur Eliasson works with glass and mirrors to create kaleidoscopic artworks that breach dimensions

Technology Public Art Project Invites People To Share Messages On The Moon

Interactive website lets you join a global community of artists with your doodles.

Design Novel Replaces Words With A Hyper-Detailed Laser Cut House [Pics]

Artist publishes a book using the negative space image created by his own home.

Design The Complete Guide To Green Architecture [Pics]

Art publishing powerhouse Taschen releases the second edition in their popular book series.

Work Artist Olafur Eliasson Creates "Moveable" Rainbow [Pics]

Internationally renown artist, Olafur Elliason's latest creation is a panel of multi-colored light.

Design A Round Rainbow In A Dark Room [Pics]

Olafur Eliasson created a stunning art installation using just an HMI spotlight and acrylic glass.

Advertising Ed Cotton: Do Brands Need Better Physical Experiences?

As we get more engrossed in the idea and practice of digital experiences, are we missing out on the opportunity to build better physical experiences with brands?

Design Olafur Eliasson x Ma Yansong

Artists use light, color, water temperature, and space to challenge the status of one's relationship both with nature and one's urban surroundings.

Design (Pics) Your Mercury Ocean: Olafur Eliasson's Mirrored Skateboard

Mekanism Skateboards teamed up with Olafur Eliasson to create a distortive, reflective skateboard.