Olympic Games 2012

Gaming & Play When Olympic Medals Are Weighted Against Each Country's GDP, Russia Wins

Statisticians looked at factors like GDP and total population to determine who the real winning country is when it comes to performing at the Olympic Games.

Design Olympic Rings Redesigned To Represent The Sports Of The Games [Pics]

Designer Leonardo Dentico transforms the iconic logo into different arenas including a swimming pool, running track, soccer pitch and tennis court.

Syndicated What Was The Design Inspiration Behind This Year's Olympic Flame?

Learn more about the man, Thomas Heatherwick, who created this iconic design.

Advertising Olympic Opening Ceremony Leaves American Media Puzzled

Danny Boyle's eccentric national history lesson entertained but also confused many US media outlets.

Analysis What Can We Expect From This Year's Opening Ceremony?

Danny Boyle, director of 127 Hours and Trainspotting, has been given control of the three hour show.

Technology Museum Will Use Twitter To Gather Public Experience Of Olympics

The Museum of London is set to use the hashtag #citizencurator in a new digital curation experiment around the Games.

Retail How A Global Boycott Made Nike A More Transparent, Ethical Brand

Twenty years of campaigning for workers' rights changed the corporate culture of one of the world's biggest brands – and the sportswear industry.

Gaming & Play Campaigners Target Ethical Records Of Olympics Corporate Sponsors

BP, Rio Tinto and Dow Chemical are being accused of using the 2012 games to 'greenwash' their reputations, protests aim to remind about current environmental disasters caused by these multinational companies.

Innovation Have Sponsors Ruined The London Olympics Already?

As the Games draw near the full extent of the economic interest exerting their control -- from ATMs to what clothes you can wear -- is becoming clear

Syndicated Protest Groups Accuse Olympic Sponsors Of Greenwashing

Co-ordinated campaign aimed against companies accused of using Games to 'greenwash' unethical corporate activities

Technology London 2012 Olympics Will Be Broadcast In 3D

More than 12 sports from next year's Olympic Games will air in 3D, as well as the opening and closing ceremonies.