On Demand

Automotive Dry Cleaning Start-Up Targets On-The-Go Consumers With Drop-Offs Located In Transportation Hubs

VClean, a new London start-up, has set up "dry cleaning vending machines" at convenient spots for commuters to quickly drop off and pick up their garments as they go to and from work

Advertising How Leading Retailers Are Approaching The New Food Landscape

PSFK’s Food Debrief examines retailers that are removing barriers to a frictionless shopping experience, setting a new standard for all consumer industries

Consumer Goods Transparent Pricing Is Transforming On-Demand Tailoring

Air Tailor wants to make it easier to send in garments and have altered clothing return in a timely manner

Retail GM And Audi Are Experimenting With Car Rentals In SF

The automakers are trying something new to capture the segment of urban dwellers who don't want to own a car

Food & Beverage You Can Now Order Pizza Straight From Your TV

Stream a movie, drink your beer and enjoy Papa John's delivery ordered through your Apple TV app

Children Safe And Reliable Transportation For Children As Young As Two Years Old

Kango is a service that provides a driver and impromptu babysitter service for parents who need a helping hand driving their kids around

Fitness & Sport Subscription Service Provides Travelers With Fitness Classes On The Go

Spin workout brand Peloton has launched a digital experience that lets you inexpensively take tailored workout plans with you wherever you are

Automotive A Driverless Delivery Service Will Launch In Japan Next Year

The RoboNeko Yamato service will use self-driving cars to bring purchases to customers' homes starting in 2017

Health On-Demand Healthcare Helps Patients Get A Doctor To Their Door

The app promises quick and convenient consultation from a healthcare professional without having to leave your house

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel This Service Wants To Make Last-Minute Booking The Norm

Overnight is an app that helps travelers be more impulsive with reliable same-day bookings

Technology Set Up A Meeting At Starbucks Directly From Your Inbox

A Microsoft Outlook add-in will allow you to schedule a coffee meet-up with one simple command

Children Booking A Babysitter Just Went Digital

A startup is offering fully vetted babysitters to time-strapped parents, easily booked at the touch of a button

Entertainment Building A Better Convenience Store For The On-Demand Economy

Delivery startup goPuff offers anything you'd expect from your local shop, even when other competitors have closed for the night

Technology A Paris Bookstore Prints Books On Demand

The store has reinvented the process of buying physical copies in-person