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Entertainment eSports Platform Turns Fans Into Content Creators, Generating New Revenue Streams

Quarterback has created a platform that enables fans and streamers to create their own game libraries and cultivate a next generation of talent

Gaming & Play Google Is Helping You Waste Time With Solitaire And Tic-Tac-Toe

Procrastinate your to-do's with these internet games embedded in your search box

Design Online Game Demonstrates Where Urban Dwellers Seek Privacy In Cities

BMW Guggenheim Lab's Public/Private creates unique visual graphs of where people think they are alone.

Advertising Skittles Fans Play Rock, Paper Scissors Online With Live Opponents

The candy brand is challenging fans to play a modified version of the game by holding up different flavors to the camera in an effort to beat the other player.

Home Springwise: California Gamifies Local Lemon Trading

Lemonopoly is an online game that encourages the lemon trading economy, matching people who grow the produce with those who want to buy the citrus fruit.

Technology Game Tasks Players With Surviving Poverty [Future Of Gaming]

Spent is an online game that places participants in impoverished conditions and asks them to make critical life decisions with access to limited personal finances.

Retail Nike Wants You To Fight Winter With Interactive Mini-Games

Winter's Angry campaign invites you to battle it out with extreme weather conditions,

Work Samsung Launches An Internet Scavenger Hunt For Its Series 7 Computer

The Barbarian Group creates 'Secret Sites', a clue-based, Hangman-inspired online game.

Advertising Honda's Online Experiment Game Challenges Players To Create Chain Reactions [Video]

Wieden + Kennedy create six physics-based levels that require you to place pop-up boxes in sequence.

Gaming & Play PETA Targets Super Mario For Wearing Fur In Online Game

Animal rights group scorns video game character for wearing tanuki fur suit.