Online Learning

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A series B round of funding bets big on this rapidly growing edtech disruptor

Advertising Fender Now Offers Personalized Lessons To Teach Beginners Guitar

The company has developed a new online learning platform for beginners wanting to learn how to play guitar

Design Meet iF, A Strategy and Design Firm Inspired by the Big Bang and Bill Gates

How a call from Bill Gates' private office bgC3 helped found a creative consultancy

Health Why One University Made Fitbits Mandatory for Students

At 10,000 steps required a day, this student body will be a fit body

Technology Live Classes Via Smartphones a Departure from Virtual Class Offerings

WizIQ's Live Mobile Learning Platform lets students learn on the go

Innovation The Changing Framework of Online Learning

As web courses are growing in popularity, the platforms behind them are becoming more sophisticated, too

Technology Google Helps Teachers Create Interactive Learning Quizzes [Video]

Oppia is an open source platform that offers an interactive learning experience.

Luxury Wharton MBA Courses Available Online For Free

The prestigious business school is the first to make a series of foundation courses available to the masses at no cost.

Advertising Online Learning And Teaching Platform For DIY How-Tos

New web experience can teach you almost anything.

Features Will Online Courses Be The End Of Traditional Universities?

Publishing, music, shopping, journalism – all revolutionised by the internet. Next in line? Education. Now US academics are offering world-class tuition – free – to anyone who can log on, anywhere in the world, is this the end of campus life?

Work Reactive Tutor Creates Custom Curriculum For Students

Knewton’s Adaptive Learning Platform helps you learn better by responding to what you do and don’t know, with personalized content based on collected data.

Technology Email Coding Lessons Attracts 100,000 Aspiring Programmers In 48 Hours [Headlines]

Codeacademy has a record number of people sign up for online tutorials in how to code with their weekly email curriculum.

Home Thanks To The Internet, No Snow Days For Students In Ohio

The Ohio Department of Education is testing a new policy which will help students continue their classes from home.