online privacy

Technology Thwart Online Bots With This Mutant Font

Fonte Mutante's rotating graphic variations and daily encryption refreshings keep your text for human eyes only

Technology What The Inventor Of The Internet Hopes It Will Become

Tim Berners-Lee's shares his fears about privacy and his desire for an even more connected future.

Advertising Fake Pro-NSA Billboards Challenge The Idea Of A Surveilled Internet [Pics]

BitTorrent takes responsibility for billboards that claim "The Internet Should Be Regulated," then defaces them.

Advertising 11 Stories You Need To Know Today

Mobile retail apps on the rise, online privacy ignored in the UK and more holographic rappers to come...links to start your day with.

Advertising 14 Stories You Need To Know Today

Netflix surpasses HBO, AP's fake tweet freakout and breakthrough tech of the year...links to start your day with.

Advertising App Removes Personal Data From The Web

A new application from Abine works to wipe your personal information from the Internet, helping to maintain your privacy.

Design Graphic Icons Simplify Privacy Policies For Web Users

Mozilla and are experimenting with creating an iconography for websites that makes it easy to understand what online surfers are agreeing to when they browse.

Technology Apple Granted Patent To Create Identity Clones [Headlines]

The company will create 'shadow identities' that contain just enough real information to look credible but that will protect privacy by throwing off eavesdroppers.

Gaming & Play Private & Protected Search Engine Won't Sell Your Info For Profit

Yippy offers an online service you can trust, with secure web browsing and search capabilities.

Why People Will Pay For Privacy Tools [Headlines]

Facebook and Google users don’t want these and other major third-parties to track and record their online activity.

Technology Facebook Can Track Users Online Even After They've Logged Out

Nik Cubrilovic claims that the social network can find out what web pages you visit with its tracking cookies.

Technology Facial Recognition Software & Social Media Sites Increase Privacy Risk

Researchers from Carnegie Mellon University demonstrate how easy it is to invade someone's privacy using new technologies.

Home Wired UK Sends Eerily Personalized Covers To Readers

The technology magazine drives home their point about "what the end of privacy means for you".

Technology Random Lo-Res Pics From The Web Become Oil Paintings

Artist uses throw-away photos uploaded on the web as inspiration for his artworks.