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Technology Bitly Uses Math Meant For Smart Weapons In Their Algorithm [Headlines]

Popular URL shortening website is trying to understand how internet behaviors are formed using old military technology.

Innovation Group Storytelling: 5 Best-In-Class Examples

PSFK explores how crowdsourcing methods are becoming more popular across several different mediums.

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Study suggests that popular photo-sharing website is more captivating than the information sharing platform.

Design Pattern Pulp: Finding Color Inspiration On Pinterest

Popular photo-sharing website might become an influential source for designers and artists alike.

Technology iCloud Tops 100 Million Users [Headlines]

An increasing number of users are signing up for Apple's storage service.

Advertising COMMON Pitch Showcases Ten Startups To Watch In 2012

Alex Bogusky, John Bielenberg and Rob Schuham are giving ten hot internet entrepreneurs the chance to grow their businesses.

Innovation Springwise: Online Marketplace Gives Users Surprise Items, Then Let's Them Swap

New website enhances the retail experience by giving consumers the chance to network with other consumers to trade products.

Technology Platform Recommends Music By Tracking Artist Influence

Music Bloodline provides a historically-informed way of discovering new bands based on their reach.

Technology Watch Out Dropbox: Google Drive Is Coming Soon [Headlines]

World's largest search engine to explore cloud-based service.

Design Has Pinterest Changed Web Design Forever? [Headlines]

Popular sharing website is challenging the aesthetics of the internet.

Technology Letterloom: A Really Easy Way To Share Chunks Of Text Online

Adam Holwerda develops a site where you can paste large amounts of writing and then share the small URL with others.

Technology Online Sharing Encourages Offline Sharing, Opens Up Opportunities For Social Startups

A recent study examines changing patterns in sharing behavior.

Advertising Decoding Cryptic Status Updates With Social Steganography

Living publicly in the social sphere often requires knowing how to say one thing, but mean another.

Technology The Science Behind Online Sharing

A recent New York Times article examines the science behind online sharing.