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Advertising Streaming Service Offers Free Movies If Users Watch Personalized Ads

HitBliss allows members to watch shows without any interruptions by earning points up front.

Technology Facebook Now The 2nd Largest Video Site In The US [Headlines]

The social network passed Yahoo last month to become the second largest video site in the U.S., with 53 million unique visits.

Disney Extends Deals With Amazon And Netflix [Headlines]

The online video streaming business is expanding not just in the United States, but globally as well.

Netflix Lost 800,000 Subscribers In Third Quarter [Headlines]

The on-demand movie and television provider has been losing subscribers since it changed its plans and raised prices in July.

Video Netflix Wins Over DreamWorks But Loses 1 Million Customers

The online content streaming company has lost a huge market share, yet still managed to gain exclusive rights to the film giant's content.

Technology Indie Labels On Spotify Only Make 4 Cents Per Album Play

Indie bands and artists on Spotify aren't making enough to be sustainable. As a result, a lot of indie labels are quitting the service.