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Innovation 11 Stories You Need To Know Today

Zipcar offers one-way rides, Youtube's new feature, and Selfridges and Google+'s big beauty campaign.

Advertising How Much Do We Really Love Online Video?

Video infographic that shows our evolving relationship with dynamic multimedia content.

Technology Facebook Now The 2nd Largest Video Site In The US [Headlines]

The social network passed Yahoo last month to become the second largest video site in the U.S., with 53 million unique visits.

Advertising Thousands Of YouTube Partners Make Over $100K A Year [Headlines]

The number of people earning six figures on the platform has grown from hundreds of people to thousands in a short time.

Technology PSFK Job Picks: Creative Director, Digital Video Production – VH1

If you’re looking for a creative job (or need to find help), we recommend that you check out PSFK’s job listings regularly. Here’s a new job at VH1, just listed on the service.

Technology Sundance Film Festival Premiers Film Collection On YouTube [Headlines]

Utah movie-goer haven to showcase selections online to gain a wider audience.

Technology Reuters TV Now On YouTube [Headlines]

News Agency launches new channel on popular online video sharing network.

Design YouTube Europe Invites Artists To Design New Brand Aesthetics

YouTube Europe and agency YMEE House orchestrated a collaboration between client brands and NYC art students to design each brand's future, embodying a key word describing that future in a piece of art.

Video How Social Video Is Changing Online Advertising [Headlines]

Study finds that videos that are either 15 seconds or less or one minute or more get the best click-through rates.

Advertising Video Will Account For 90% Of Net Traffic In Three Years [Headlines]

Cisco's VP for Marketing and Emerging Technologies predicts the future of online video.

Technology YouTube Could Replace TV Viewing In 2012

The online video platform plans to roll out scheduled online channels to mimic TV shows that will be shown on a daily or weekly basis.

Video Netflix Wins Over DreamWorks But Loses 1 Million Customers

The online content streaming company has lost a huge market share, yet still managed to gain exclusive rights to the film giant's content.

Technology Continuously Stream Videos On Just About Anything

A new service will automatically create a list of videos for viewing based on any search term. You can be as vague or as specific as you like.

Design Google Unveils New YouTube Page Design

Cosmic Panda gives YouTube a sleeker, more theatrical and professional aesthetic.