open source

Design Google Wants To Improve Communication Between Humans And AI

The project called PAIR will focus on developing the "human side" of AI

Food & Beverage Growing Fresh Produce With Aquaponics Just Got A Whole Lot Easier

Aquapioneers' open source kit lets you print your own aquaponics ecosystem

Banks, Insurance & Financial Services This Financial Startup Is Looking To Offer The World's First Open Source Bank Accounts

OfferZen and Standard Bank have collaborated to create a site that gives developers control over the way they can use their bank account

Retail Why This Open-Source Twitter Competitor Is Growing Like Crazy

Mastodon built upon the Twitter idea (and interface), but added a few key options that people on Twitter have been asking for

Design IKEA’s ‘Open Source’ Sofa Lets Builders Customize It To Their Liking

The new furniture line is designed to be a hacker community's dream

Automotive Renault Is Planning To Release Its Hardware As An Open-Source Automotive Platform

The POM is a compact and lightweight electric vehicle with the bodywork parts removed

Technology This DIY Robot Communicates Using GIFs

Adorable desk assistant uses relevant images to keep people on task

Technology Open-Source Toolkit Lets Communities Build Their Own Street Furniture

The Wikiblock database contains 30 blueprints of different neighborhood fixtures including benches, bus stops, and kiosks

Work Remote Designers Can Now Work Together In Real Time

Figma's new "Multiplayer" feature streamlines the collaborative process and offers tools to help those working apart

Entertainment Create Music On Your Web Browser That Looks As Good As It Sounds

BlokDust is an open source project that works like digital legos for notes and effect

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel How AI Can Make Your Travel Planning Simpler

Hipmunk is a company utilizing artificial intelligence to give travelers relevant and timely assistance

Health Doctor’s Business Card Measures Holder’s Heartbeat

A Hungarian ECG company puts real-time pulse on a business card

Home What If Your iPhone Had Wheels and Eyes?

This tiny bot could be what takes consumer home automation to the next level

Gaming & Play Designing a Drone Better Suited for Safety and Shoving

Armed with computer vision and a spherical case for its propeller, this drone will make for friendlier skies