Advertising Installation Explores Sound As The New Programing Language

The Code of Contingency exhibit charts the effects of piracy and peer-to-peer culture on digital consumerism and looks at how using sound in new ways can turn it into a productive medium for education.

Seattle's First Microsoft Store Is Right Across From Apple [Headlines]

There will be head to head competition when Microsoft opens its first store across the street from Apple this fall.

Home European Store Encourages Product Sampling In Exchange For Feedback

Sample Central is encouraging its members to try out and give feedback on a range of products and services in order to improve the products through a new, innovative technique called 'TryVertising.'

Advertising Levi's L.A. Film Workshop

The free film workshop at the MOCA in L.A. puts modern filmmaking techniques and tools into the hands of aspiring artists.

Retail The Walmart Effect

A controversial report by Hunter College's Center for Community Planning finds that Wal-Mart openings can have a surprisingly negative effect on communities.