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Analysis How Brands Like Betterpath Empower Consumers To Manage Their Data

Health and wellness companies are giving customers more control over their data, incentivizing consumers to release personal information that they themselves can wield to their advantage while also contributing to better products and services

Brand Activation & Immersion How Brands Like Amazon Are Relieving The Stress Of Shopping With Wardrobe Curation

Whether designing a personal wardrobe or pairing previously purchased pieces together to form a stylish ensemble, brands are using AI-enabled technology to provide their customers with personalized shopping and styling

Automotive Volvo-Google Sync May Kickstart In-Car Services Revolution

Thousands of automotive apps may emerge after new partnership agreed

Health Google's 'Digital Wellbeing' Tools Will Help People Disengage From Phones

As firms face scrutiny over habit-forming technologies, Google unveils system to show users how much time they spend on their devices

Technology How Companies Are Safeguarding Users Against Data Security Threats

New security methods keep user data safe by making sure it doesn't stay in one place for too long

Retail How Pharmacies Are Simplifying The Customer Experience

Pharmacy brands are rethinking how design and tech can be used to improve medication adherence and the overall patient experience

Entertainment Google Has Begun Replacing Apps With Neural Networks

Google is advancing its AI capabilities to give 'ambient awareness' to the Pixel 2 phone

Design Service Lets Users Report Software Bugs Without Extra Effort

This reporting tool allows users to send detailed information about the bugs they encounter in apps with a gesture as simple as shaking the phone

Advertising How Apple Is Taking Aim At Online Advertising

New iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra will stop ads following Safari users, prompting open letter claiming Apple is destroying internet’s economic model

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel A Do Not Disturb While Driving Feature Is Coming To Apple's New iOS

Beta testers in iOS 11 get to try out the new 'Do Not Disturb While Driving' mode

Design Phone Designed To Encourage You Not To Use It

Siempo's device has only the essential features to help users keep their focus elsewhere

Technology Virtual Assistant Edits Photos With Voice Control

Adobe has created a voice-activated software to help people manage their mobile photos and post online

Advertising Conversational Website Chats With Its Visitors As They Use It

This pseudo operating system can chat about significant and trivial topics, say which city has the best pizza, and even share jokes.