optical illusion

Design Zoetrope Windows Make Hyperloop Transportation More Scenic

The optical illusion could make some reluctant travelers more comfortable with tube-system commutes

Advertising This Old-School Newspaper Ad Reveals A 3D Picture

The newspaper ad for a home kitchen brand reveals more than meets the eye

Home This Illusion Rug Creates The Effect Of A Giant Hole In Your Room

Scott Jarvie created two unique rugs that make it look as if a hole opened up in the middle of a home

Advertising This Company Is Using Optical Illusions To Beckon People In

A hallway created by the UK tile company makes it look as if there's a large hole in the middle of the corridor

Automotive London Is Using Optical Illusions In An Attempt To Slow Down Drivers

London hopes optical illusions painted on busy roads will trick motorists into reducing their speed

Design Russian Artists "Erase" A Car By Painting Photoshop Pattern Over It

For the STENOGRAFFIA street art festival, a group of artists made a car look like it was cut out of a picture

Home Shelf Makes Its Contents Appear To Hover In Midair

The design uses metal tubes to create an optical illusion when viewed from the front

Design Animated Illustrations Depict Vibrant Soda Can Designs

The designer behind these vessels says each unique image represents the same beverage being shaped by 'different frequencies'

Food & Beverage Optical Illusion Dishes Make Sushi Dinners A Feast For Your Eyes

A designer is kickstarting a series of impossible soy sauce vessels to make eating an Escher-esque delight

Advertising A Kitchen Hides In This Newspaper's Classifieds Page

Optical 3D illusion created from text and white space.

Gaming & Play Magic Eye Music Video Hides 3D Images With Optical Illusions [Video]

Indie rock band Young Rival plays depth perception tricks on your eyes.

Work Honda Ad Swaps Special Effects For Real Optical Illusions [Video]

In this mind-bending ad there is more than meets the eye.

Design Restaurant’s Facade Simulates Continuous Sunlight [Pics]

Simple optical illusion transforms a bland store facade into a piece of modern street-art.

Eerie Makeup Portraits Reveal Model's Multiple Faces [Pics]

Sebastian Bieniek created an optical illusion photographic series.