Advertising This Startup Is Taking The Mystery Out Of Wine Pricing

Alit lists out on their website a detailed breakdown costs to give their customers confidence in what they were purchasing

Technology Startup Plans To Use Drones To Reseed Forests

The company says its autonomous vehicles would lower the cost of replanting trees and help modernize the forestry industry

Food-Producing Architecture Competition Seeks To Better Feed Cities

A design challenge in Copenhagen highlights the need and beauty of urban farming

Syndicated Portland's Black Residents Putting Faith In 'Soul District' To Counter Gentrification

Professionals hope to reclaim neighborhood’s cultural identity with black-owned business

Design Work Space Desk Has Built-In Sound System [Pics]

The Podpad from RUPHUS is a modern workspace that sleekly combines technology, design and functionality.

Home How A Thriving Maker Community Transformed A City Into A Homestead

Portland, Oregon is an artisanal urban hub with a thriving local agriculture and culinary scene.

Advertising Sturdy Mason Jar Transforms Into A French Press

New French press design uses raw materials from the US and offers a lifetime guarantee.

Advertising Car Insurance Company Only Charges For Miles Driven

A tailored insurance model allows infrequent drivers to save.

Design Walmart Breaks Ground on Largest Green Roof in Portland

The retail giant is building a 40,600-square-foot EcoRoof in Oregon.

Technology Stop Motion Film Uses 3D Printed Characters To Show Over 31,000 Human Emotions

Animation studio LAIKA brings scalability to 3D printing in their feature 'ParaNorman.'

Video How Is Pandora Changing The Live Music Experience?

Online radio station will now be bringing concerts and additional content to web listeners providing en enhanced interaction.

Luxury Oregon Court Rules Blogger Not A Journalist [Headlines]

An investigative blogger lost a suit against an investment firm for publishing several highly opinionated and critical posts.

Advertising SRK By Arcimoto: Sustainable Automotive Transportation

SRK by Arcimoto is ultra efficient, three-wheel electric vehicle with room for two and race-caliber suspension.

Retail (Pics) Analog iPads And Limited Edition Scout Books

Scout Books recently began a partnership with a different artist every month to release a limited-edition notebook.