Analysis This Pop-Up Lets Budget-Conscious Consumers Trade Their Clothes

The Comfort Swap Shop, a London pop-up run by Cosmopolitan, ELLE and laundry brand Comfort, focuses on issues of sustainability and accessibility in the fashion industry

Buy Nothing For €199 This Holiday Season And Help Fight Poverty

Wooden block serves as a reminder for people to consume less – returns for a limited edition series, this time with profits going to charity

Advertising Oxfam And Coldplay Crowdsource Music Video For Charity

The band is asking fans to help spread awareness about land grabs by submitting images and videos.

Retail Marks & Spencer Sells New Coat Made From Recycled Clothing

British retailer turns donated fashion items into the Shwop Coat.

Advertising Marks & Spencer Wants You To Swap An Old Piece Of Clothing For A New One

The 'schwopping' campaign hopes to encourage shoppers in giving garments to charity when they buy new ones.

Home Marks & Spencer Rewards Customers For Recycling M&S Clothing

The popular British retailer will give out a £5 customer voucher when M&S clothes are dropped off at Oxfam charity shops.

Work British NGO Turns Second-Hand Clothing Into Haute Couture

Oxfam UK has a new fashion-forward focus, changing consumers' perception of gently-used clothing with a new campaign and a trends report.

Technology Vintage Products Employ QR Codes To Share Celebrity Stories

As a way to connect shoppers with the stories behind the items being sold, the The Oxfam Curiosity Shop partnered with Tales of Things to create QR code tags for many of the celebrity donations.

Design "Grow" Campaign Will Fight Global Food Shortages

Oxfam has launched a celebrity-endorsed campaign to fight global food shortages and share the skills to help people learn to grow their own food.

Technology Remixing Social Memory With The Internet Of Things

Memories become metadata at Manchester's FutureEverything Festival.

Retail Celebrity Contagion And RFID-Enhanced Curiosity

Technology allows celebrity fans a new way to engage with the stars.