Oxford University

Advertising Forget Virtual Reality: Sam Bompas Can Give You the (Real) Night of Your Life

The co-founder of wildly creative firm Bompas & Parr explains how to taste all that reality has to offer (from haute cuisine to breast bouncy castles)

Innovation Video Camera Glasses Partially Restore Vision To The Blind

This device provides information about surroundings to help people navigate everyday obstacles.

Design Water Filtration System Uses Houseplants To Extract Poison Naturally

Ferns could be the key to a sorely needed low-cost, electricity-free purification system for millions.

Technology Cheap DIY LEGO Microscope Brings Science To Underprivileged Students

Inexpensive atomic imaging microscopes built from plastic toy blocks and Arduino computers.

Gaming & Play Games Before Bed Will Help Kids Sleep Better

Zeds makes sleep fun for youngsters with a quantified self-style mobile game.

Design Encode Secret Messages Into Facebook Photos

University student creates the first algorithm able to hide messages from the social media giant.

Innovation New Molecular Superglue Was Inspired By Flesh-Eating Bacteria

Biochemists created a protein used by bacteria to bind and invade human cells and made a glue that binds molecules together.

Design View Your Life In A Parallel Universe With The Press Of A Button

The Quantum Parallelograph lets you take a glimpse of your alternate realities using online data.

Gaming & Play Bionic Glasses 'Could Replace Guide Dogs' [Headlines]

Researchers at Oxford University are developing bionic glasses to help people with poor vision to see again, without relying on a seeing eye dog.