Design Target Will Now Help You Custom Frame Your Art

The company has partnered with framing e-commerce shop Framebridge to offer customers a variety of options for displaying pictures and paintings

Design Imaginative Shadow Art Brings A City's Objects To Life

Artist Damon Belanger gave regular objects in downtown Redwood City cleverly placed shadows to make them look like other things

Design Artist Creates Life-Sized Images That Aren't Complete Until Viewers Participate

Tezi Gabunia invites visitors to his art exhibit to interact with the paintings and add their perspective to his creations

Advertising Ontario Art Museum Remixes Old Paintings Into Modern Scenes With AR

A Toronto digital artist created an app to allow visitors at the Art Gallery of Ontario to experience paintings in augmented reality

Advertising Adobe Digitized Edvard Munch's Brushes So Anyone Can Paint With Them

Everyday people are given digital access to the brush strokes of the famous artist

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The British Museum’s latest show brings together great pop and abstract expressionist images from the US that seem like relics from a lost civilisation

Technology This Shazam-Like App Uses Image Recognition To Scan Paintings

Smartify provides deeper insight into artworks and their creator

Design Artist Uses Body Paint To Create A 2D Superhero Visual Illusion

Kay Pike is the pioneer of a new art form she calls Cospaint

Design Japanese Artist Turns Snowfall Into A Unique Wonderland

Toshihiko Shibuya is taking the natural beauty of freshly-fallen snow and turning it into an incredible hub of art sculptures

Design Artist Paints Murals On Ice Caps To Warn Of Climate Change

Sean Yoro rides out to icebergs in Canada to create works of art on the melting forms

Gaming & Play Abandoned Paintings Turned Into Awesome Video Game Masterpieces

Dave Pollot, a software developer by day, adds pop culture icons into forgotten pieces of artwork

Technology Adobe's Virtual Oil Paint Simulator Adds Texture To Your Screen

The program allows for 3D drawings to be digitally-rendered in real-time

Gaming & Play Ordinary Billiard Balls Transformed Into Emojis

An artist has created a hand-painted set of 'Poolmojis' that make the game even more entertaining

Syndicated How Two Great Artists Painted Sex And Death

In works 40 years apart, both titled Between the Clock and the Bed, two great artists handled humanity’s twin concerns