9 Stories You Need To Know Today

Adobe makes hardware, YouTube's paid subscriptions and eBay shares user data...links to start your day with.

Design Neighborhood Park Features Play Structures From 50 Countries

An urban park celebrates various nationalities and their design ethos by embedding authentic objects into the park's layout.

A Famous Picasso's Journey To Palestine May Be More Significant Than The Art Itself

A small arts academy in the West Bank overcomes logistical challenges to bring a masterpiece to its community.

Luxury The Role Of Green Projects In Displaced Communities

Field researcher discovers the benefits of eco-projects in turbulent, poverty-stricken zones.

Advertising Monocolumn: New Poll Reveals Palestinians’ Choice Of Citizenship

A new poll suggests that a third of those Palestinians currently living in East Jerusalem would far rather take Israeli citizenship than Palestinian.

Innovation Arabic Calligraffiti: How Calligraphy Found Its Way Into Urban Arts

A book traces how Arabic calligraphy found its way into contemporary design, street art, and fashion.