Analysis For International Women's Day, The Future Of Retail Is Female

PSFK spoke to the organizers of the Wide Awake: A Day For Female Founders conference, plus the female leaders behind Unbound Babes, Birchbox and Eloquii, to glean insights into where a more equal retail landscape is heading

Advertising Download PSFK's Guide For SXSW 2017

PSFK’s Guide to SXSW Interactive helps brands and retailers navigate the most intriguing SXSW events—inspiring your retail, advertising and design work in 2017 and beyond

Design Volvo Develops Electric Car That Stores Energy In Its SIde Panels [Pics]

Volvo gives EVs a new battery skin that is made with nanotechnology.

Innovation Kat Egan: Personalizing Brands In Today's Digital Space [PSFK 2013]

Kat Egan discusses how a more inclusive and targeted approach is the key to successful marketing.

Technology Smart Umbrella Charges Phones

Vodafone Booster Brolly concept can save your phone from conking out or losing reception when you need it most.

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Live Street Video Feed Immerses Hotel Guests In Local Action As It Happens

See what's happening outside just buy peeking behind the concierge counter and the real-time installation.

Gaming & Play Touchscreen Panel Can Recognize Multiple Users At The Same Time

Prototype screen can detect who is who and where they are touching.

Advertising What If Consumers Controlled Their Online Data? A Panel Discussion Curated By PSFK

PSFK has teamed up with the General Assembly and Voyurl to hold a panel discussion asking what a better web might look like with consumers controlling their own data.

Design Why Knot Table Asks And Answers Its Own Question [Pics]

Woodworker Kino Guerin has achieved equilibrium through creating furniture out of one unique piece of wood.

Design Solar Plant Charges Electronic Gadgets

Solar Plant is a charger that converts sunlight into electrical energy to power gadgets.