Advertising Sega Transformed A Parkour Gym Into A Real-Life Video Game Level

Sega created a parkour course based on a level from its Sonic the Hedgehog games

Entertainment Washington Square Park Transformed Into A Parkour Club In New York City

The Movement Creative visits iconic locations in New York to use as a gym

Technology Parkour Video Gives Viewers A Front Row Seat To Death-Defying Stunts [Video]

Freerunner travels the world capturing various landscapes as he leaps across rooftops.

Innovation Parkour Athletes Turn City Into A Super Mario Obstacle Course [Video]

Parkour athletes Christian Russel and Ronnie Shalvis dressed up as Mario and Luigi to recreate the iconic video game.

Design A Smart Car Inspired By Parkour - The Smart Parkour 341 Concept

Revealed at the 2011 LA Design Challenge and cast as a trusty sidekick in 'Annie get the Grannies!', this car can drive over virtually any obstacle.

Ryan Doyle Parkour In Turkey For Red Bull [Video]

The International Freerunning Champion and Parkour Ambassador shows off his skills in a short video for Red Bull.

Technology Collective Performance Art: The Lying Down Game

Bizarre lackadaisical fad snowballs into global participatory public art installation.