Parsons School of Design

Design Redesigned Hospital Gown Meets Modern Needs

Designed in collaboration with students from the Parsons School of Design, the gown offers comfort and utility

Why the Fashion Industry Needs a Redesign

Timo Rissanen discusses how we need to rethink the industry in the context of how it directly impacts and is impacted by the world outside of fashion

Fashion & Apparel Connected Gloves Help Wearers Feel Objects In Virtual Reality

A project called Touching the Void allows VR users to feel out virtual things with finely tuned vibrations

Home IKEA's Newest Designers Are College Students

The world's largest furniture retailer is tapping into young talent to design a new sofa

Technology Concept Wearable Creates Spontaneous Play Among Friends

Göbie looks to build social connections through brief moments of prompted-yet-voluntary moments of playful interactions

Design Adjust Your Home Around Optimizing Sleep

The Sleepwise device tracks sleeping patterns and and automatically adjusts other IoT devices in the home to create optimal conditions for a restful night

Sneaker Composed Entirely Of Renewable CO2 Emissions

The shoe prototype inspires dialogue between fashion designers and members of the energy industry

Design A Cookie for Your Data? exhibition seeks to assign value to data that you give away every day to collectors like Facebook

Work A Dress That Sheds Its Leaves

The Fall dress is an interactive garment that reacts to its environment and loses leaves like a tree in autumn