passive monitoring

Technology Mobile App Automatically Notifies Emergency Responders In Case Of Car Accidents

An application that runs in the background of Android mobile devices can help in the event of an automobile incident.

Innovation Implantable LEDs As Futuristic Medical Device

Researchers at the University of Illinois are developing a method for implanting LED lights underneath a person's skin.

Innovation Google Health Updates Help Users Better Visualize And Manage Their Wellbeing

Google continues to develop a platform that allows users to more intuitively visualize and maintain their personal health.

Technology Wireless Tracking Devices Reward Green Behavior With Automatic Bank Savings

Monetary incentives and green ideals may help us become more comfortable with devices tracking our habits.

Analysis Intelligent Cities: The Communal City

PSFK explores the sentient city, and how it impacts communities and families.

Home Intelligent Cities: The Efficient City

PSFK explores the sentient city, and how it impacts communities and families.

Technology Biomedical Sensors Printed Directly Onto Clothing

Researchers at the University of California San Diego have developed biomedical tracking sensors able to passively monitor the blood pressure and heart rate of hospital patients.

Sensor-Fitted Baseball Shirt Tracks Pitching Technique, Prevents Injuries

Engineering students have created an interactive baseball that could indicate potentially hazardous motions and poor technique.

Technology Passive Mobile Applications Monitor Sleep Habits Over Time

The Owl iPhone application tracks a user's sleep habits passively during each night.