Banks, Insurance & Financial Services Walmart Plans To Secure Consumer Data With Own Blockchain System

A secure decentralized platform would provide consumers more protection against potential data breaches by barring third-party access

Delivery & Logistics Walmart Could Soon Employ Drones As Shopping Assistants

The inclusion of smart carts and drone shopping assistants show how physical retail evolves to stay relevant in an increasingly e-commerce dominated market

Packaging & Product Engagement Amazon Patented A Wristband That Tracks Warehouse Workers' Movements

Bracelet, which can vibrate to point an employee’s hand in the right direction, would further increase surveillance of work environments

Fashion & Apparel Amazon's AR Mirror Will Transform Fitting Rooms With Virtual Backdrops

The retailer was awarded a patent for a blended reality mirror setup that can add backdrops and superimpose makeup and clothes

Brand Activation & Immersion Design Is The New IP

Ashley Still, Adobe's Vice President of Creative Cloud for Enterprise, discusses the central role design and digital experiences play in the success of every business

Design Samsung Wants People To Uncover Forgotten Passwords With Their Palm

The electronics company is moving forward with a patent for a palm scanner designed to helps phone users remember their password

Automotive Waymo Self-Driving Cars Could Soften If They Are Involved In A Collision

Google's Waymo secured a patent for an autonomous vehicle that can alter its structure to make collisions less dangerous

Retail Walmart Is Developing Its Own Plan To Deliver Products By Drone

The retail giant applied for a patent for a floating warehouse that would have drones delivering goods to residences

Technology Walmart Wants To Use Facial Recognition To Identify Unhappy Shoppers

A new project would use cameras at the check-out counter to improve customer service

Syndicated Amazon Patents Beehive-Like Structures To House Delivery Drones In Cities

New centers would allow Amazon to shift away from traditional large single-story warehouses that temporarily store packages before they are shipped

Retail Amazon Patents A Shipping Label With Built-In Parachute For Dropping Deliveries From Drones

Amazon is building out its portfolio with ideas and technologies for a future where drones are the industry standard

Food & Beverage Apple's Patent For A Circular Pizza Box Prevents Soggy Crust

The tech giant created a new design for pizza boxes to ensure the container doesn't fill up with steam

Health Microsoft Secures Patent For AR Glasses That Can Tell You What To Eat

The tech company has started developing a wearable that helps users eat more nutritious food and avoid things they shouldn't have

Technology Wal-Mart Sensors Will Alert You When You’re Running Low On Goods

Wal-Mart is filing a patent for automatic ordering that will directly rival Amazon Dash