Advertising Choir Of Patients With Raspy Voices Highlights The Risk Of Smoking [Video]

Created by JWT Brazil, the Unexpected Choir was made up of laryngectomy patients to raise awareness of larynx cancer.

Gaming & Play Stroke Victims Learn Steps To Recovery Using Wii Game [Future Of Gaming]

Researchers at the US University of Notre Dame have developed a recovery platform for stroke patients using the Nintendo Wii called WeHab.

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Android and iPhone apps let you pose health queries anytime, anywhere, for free.

Innovation WeHab Helps Stroke Patients See Hopes Of Recovery

Researchers from the University of Notre Dame has found a new use for the Nintendo Wii in the field of physical therapy.

Technology Diagnostic Development Unit Is A Star Trek-Style Sick Bay Bed

Researchers from the University of Leicester in the UK create a non-invasive disease detection facility.

Technology Mayo Clinic Announces Healthcare's First Center For Social Media

Healthcare venture looks at streamlining communications between hospitals, doctors and patients through social networking tools.