Pauline van Dongen

Advertising Jumpers Defy Gravity With Athletic Wear Made From Condom Material

SKYN is producing performance athletic wear that is made from the same material used for its condoms

Design Clothing Option Actively Corrects Your Posture

FysioPal is a shirt that syncs with a smartphone and vibrates to notify wearers if they're slouching

Fashion & Apparel Conceptual Sportswear Created Out Of Futuristic Condom Material

A Dutch fashion designer is experimenting with new methods and fabrics to make high performance clothing

Home Illuminated Running Shirt Stands Out in Low-Light Environments

Phototrope, Pauline van Dongen's fashionable alternative to reflective vests, features integrated LED ribbons

Technology Responsive Wearables as Transmission Conduits for Tech-Assisted Bodies

3d-printed wearable 'Ruff' is anything but—explores how smart fabrics can be responsive to wearer's body

Partner Content This Glam Shirt Charged My iPhone at SXSW

Solar Shirt designed by Pauline van Dongen integrates solar panels to power up portable devices in style